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Acupuncture for Cancer
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Acupuncture for Cancer


A frequently asked question by patients undergoing cancer treatment is, "Can acupuncture help me?"


The role of acupuncture is in its adjunctive use in anesthesia, in post-operative pain control, and in aiding and hastening recovery from the side effects of the various therapies. Acupuncture is effective for control of pain, of local swelling post-operatively, for shortening the resolution of hematoma and tissue swelling and for minimizing use of medications and their attendant side effects. Energetic acupuncture, an approach consisting of the use of needles with electricity and moxibustion 

That acupuncture is a powerful tool for general pain control is widely known. . Less known is its success use in some cancer-related pain and in reducing narcotic use and thereby minimizing the side effects confusion, disturbed mentation, behavioral changes, nausea and severe constipation.

Needling a variety of trigger and painful points, percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and osteo-puncture, along with whole body energetic acupuncture support, .are approaches available to the acupuncturists. In the acupuncture paradigm, any chronic disease process depletes the energy level in the organism. Such depletion can be ameliorated, at least temporarily, by tonification, a process of imparting energy into the system. This is deemed necessary for more durable, successful pain control. It can also add to the patients' sense of well being and decrease the malaise associated with any chronic disease, especially cancer. Nutritional support as an aid in boosting immune response in cancer patients, along with minimizing the immune and white blood cell suppression that occurs with most chemotherapeutic agents, Energetic acupuncture repletes energy level to the organism as a whole, reestablishes homeostasis by re-balancing energy distribution and un-blocking energy flow. This systems approach to deal with system wide patho-physiology can be complemented by distinct meridian acupuncture, which directs healing energy to specific organ pathology and is a routine approach in treating diseased organs such as liver, pancreas kidney, including those ravaged by cancers.

While the degree of beneficial results from acupuncture treatment is dependent on various clinical factors such as presenting symptoms, clinical staging, timing of the encounter in the course of the illness, areas of involvement, the answer to the opening question "can acupuncture help me?" is, in all probability, that it can help in the care of the cancer patient.

Many of us have cancer cells or pre-cancerous cells in our bodies right now, even though we may never get the disease called cancer. Why? Because our body's immune system routinely quells renegade cells and would-be malignancies before they ever take hold.

So why do some people's defenses break down? Why, once someone has had cancer, are they more prone to get it again than others? Can acupuncture re-engage the body's natural defense system effectively enough to help prevent or even "cure" cancer?

Some people answer that last question with a simple "Yes!" Some scientists theorize that cancer thrives when the immune system's defensive action can't or won't react effectively. This lack of immune response may be due to age; toxic or viral damage; genetics; unique traits within the cancer cell that stymie immune response; or other factors. The high incidence of metastases and cancer recurrence, even after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, attests that although perhaps successful at wiping out the initial cancer, these treatments fail to restore the immune system response to that of a non-cancer-prone individual

Can acupuncture retrain the immune system and brain toward a natural and successful antagonistic approach to dangerous cell growth? Chinese Medicine doctors are now using acupuncture in new ways to help the body's immune system relearn its original "seek and destroy" mission against cancer.